What the Rector needs is a four wheel drive Ferrari . . . — 12 Comments

  1. What? No levitation training? If you can bi-locate, you’re in good company! St. Gerard Majella, St. Alphonsus Mary de Liguori, St. Paul of the Cross, St. Anthony of Padua, (of ‘Tony, Tony, look around . . . ” fame), Padre Pio . . .

  2. Such informality! The version I heard was “Good Saint Anthony, come around”.

    Are any of those Protestants? 😉

  3. Ian: “Quote of the Day
    Never give in and never give up.
    Hubert H. Humphrey ”

    I’ve heard of him. I think I might even know . . . . where he’s from! 😉

  4. I never see those quotes. I write my posts on Windows Live Writer and then upload the drafts to edit them on line with the WordPress editor. The only time I see the front page of the blog is when I check that stuff has appeared correctly – I’m having trouble with images appearing twice when they are uploaded.

    I think the quote of the day was part of some former incarnation of the blog and, like some old pair of shoes, has just got taken along.

    Was Humphrey from the Twin Cities?

  5. What I need is a helicopter to get me over the Slieve Blooms in five minutes.

  6. Of course, but Jesus didn’t have to travel from Jerusalem to Jericho to speak in different synagogues on the same morning.

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