Mrs Alexander and the Unicorn — 4 Comments

  1. Interesting story. By the way, I think your armed escort was just being tactful when he claimed that Westlife were from America. He wanted to spare your embarrassment. Far kinder to blame them on the Americans than his Irish guests.

  2. I wasn’t worried about the Americans getting Westlife – it was them getting The Bee Gees, whom I always thought a great aul’ pop band, that annoyed me!

  3. Fair enough – they’re from the Isle of Man, maybe near Peel, according to my Manx in-laws. Though they went to Australia when they were wee.

  4. Didn’t the Isle of Man cause the death of the last Irish giant? He scooped it out of the ground to throw at the Scottish giant (leaving a hole in the ground that became Lough Neagh) and the effort so taxed poor Finn McCool that he fell dead forming the mountains where his profile can still be seen. Were it not for his efforts, Saturday Night Fever would not have been possible!

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