Searching for the dead — 4 Comments

  1. Yes, it’s our great good fortune to be living now, and in fairly stable affluent places with a few bob in our pockets. For many of us true suffering is what happens in the tabloids, on televised appeals for emergency aid or to the ancestors on TV shows like Who Do You Think You Are?

  2. Ian, I think that that if you went to the left of the entrance gate and about half way down, you would find some graves, the only reason being is that I’m sure Albert Crossmans grave is somewhere near my Grans….My families too were Somerset farmers…The Rowswells from Barrington….family tree traced back to 1500’s and the Browns from nearby Stembridge………The Browns originally horse traders who came over from Southern Ireland.!!!! about 5 generations ago………..

  3. Dear Ian
    It would be very very nice if you could print out all your entries which mention High Ham plus, if possible, any of Les Plant’s replies. Could you do this. I have interviewed several High Ham residents and intend doing some more and have transcribed the interviews. ( I could send you the transcripts if you like, so far interviews with people far older than you – Linda Lavis, Den Davies and Ron and Guy Tapscott).. I would very verymuch like to put your text into a folder for inclusion in the parish archive which we are buildingup. Could you do this?. You could post them with perhaps a handwritten covering letter (I’d love to have your handwriting on record too after your very beautiful description of the lessons and your struggles!). You could always add to your folder over time.
    It would be wonderful to have your memories and fine descriptions in the archive.
    What do you think?
    Kate Lynch

  4. I can, of course, print the pieces off – or email them to you, which would probably allow you to have material printed in a uniform way.

    I fear my handwriting has not improved!

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