Certain futures — 2 Comments

  1. Don’t know about cosmic justice, but if we assume for a minute that the concept of 6 degrees of separation is valid and that the observation that bad or impolite behaviour is catching (just see any traffic jam) then it wont take long for your own bad mood or bad attitude to come back to bite you, having spread out to come back through some social link in an unexpected fashion. I think good attitudes are also contagious, just less so, it takes more effort to spread good will in my experience, but it’s worth the effort. That’s how I model Karma personally. Typical engineer.

  2. I’m not sure I believe in Karma any more than I believe in our inability to change things. I think both have validity. I can understand the concept of feeling ‘trapped’ tho. Getting out of that mindset has to involve conscious effort rather than cosmic help.

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