Sliotars and Jesus — 5 Comments

  1. Your garden story makes me think of the Oscar Wilde story for children “The Selfish Giant” which I find hard to read aloud as a bedtime story because the ending, while giving a happy message, is so sad. Your urge is to open the garden as I believe Jesus would have done but neither Oscar (in his fiction) nor Jesus would have had to consider, or contend with, the real issues you raise. There are a great many things about the Christian churches today which Jesus would find alien to him.

  2. Elizabeth,

    I fear sometimes that Jesus would find the church itself entirely alien!

  3. Like Elizabeth I immediately thought of the Selfish Giant.
    And like Grandad says – the answer is to let it be known that you don’t mind, and hope for the best till some officious bureaucrat spoils it. But no need to do their spoiling work in advance.
    (That’s assuming they wouldn’t drive you crazy running about like mad things.)

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