Scent of memory — 13 Comments

  1. I’m looking forward to an Ulster Fry and normal (ie white, not brown Rankin) soda bread this weekend. Back in Belfast for a few days. Sadly, I’m still off proper tea. (And we all know what proper tea is, don’t we?) If I make it to the end of August it’ll be a year. The yearning is growing strong though.

  2. I know someone who says that an Ulster Fry is the best cure for a hangover…..! 😉
    Ian I think you will be very happy in the grassy lanes of Mountrath. What a wonderful time of year to begin that journey!

  3. I am sure you were thinking of your Granddad. So glad you have had this experience on your first day. This feeling of “coming home” reaches into your heart, mind and your very soul. God’s way of talking to you and showing you He is going before you to make the crooked places straight.

  4. I think I was thinking of my Grandad’s place – smell and memory go together!

  5. Although East Devon is a great place to live, I am slightly envious of your description of your Parish there Ian, and yes I too remember those farm smells from years past ,gone now along with the small farms driven out by the big business farms…….its rare to see cows in fields now!!!!…..Oh and I hope you had a good helping of black pudding and white pudding!!!!!

  6. It sounds absolutely idyllic. Don’t feel guilty about a fry up! Might not be good for the waistline but it’s sometimes good for the soul!

  7. “Smells are surer than sounds or sights
    To make your heart strings crack “

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