Closing out stuff — 6 Comments

  1. I do the same, daydreaming with a cup of tea staring at my Land Rover wondering what to do with it next and thinking of the places I have been and things I have done with it….quality time in this crazy world…

  2. I tend to sip Chardonnay and sit in the garden but it’s the same level of quiet contemplation. On a different note, the more I learn about travellers and their exemption from societal rules and mores, the less I like them frankly.

  3. I once heard the expression ‘A grand old Irish custom – Watching the day, Why Irish I do not know as it is something we all do as the years pass. Most days I spend time looking out of the front window, out across the fields to the distant hills, or out of the back window at the patch of grass we grace with the name garden. A regular visitor to the lane at the side of the house is a black pheasant, he together with the Jackdaws that nest in the chimney, the familues of blackbirds and many others, are a never ending source of entertainment. Long may they remain.

  4. I was driving down the street last night and the same pony was being driven along, with the man and a boy sitting in the buggy. He was hitting out at the poor old pony while shouting loudly at the boy. A large mug of tea would have been welcome.

  5. Some people seem to be able to engage in “cocktail party chat” effortlessly. To my mind those people have a gift. Even if there is little substance, it provideds oil for the cogs of interaction. To those to whom the ability to chat does not come naturally, myself included, it can be excruciating. One may be most comfortable remaining quiet but that isn’t acceptable in social situations with people one doesn’t know very well. One has to make an effort to engage in light chat which by its nature is then forced and awkward. The bliss of getting away and being able to be quiet….. with or without a hot beverage….

  6. I find the casual talk very tiring – I’m naturally shy and have to make a real effort to engage.

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