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  1. Wow Ian, I never realised you got the whole collection of the 1970 world cup squad coins…….was the back board that they all fitted into blue???

  2. The only problem with the set was that they finalised it before the squad was finalised and at least one of the players featured never went to Mexico

  3. I dunno I think you’re either a ducks in a row person or not. I keep saying I’m not a collector but I do manage to hoard bits that seem to match and fit and look complete. That play is just bizarre? Whoever heard of a play with no words. A bit pretentious if you ask me.

  4. Collecting things is probably irrational. It works until you have that moment of enlightenment when it occurs to you that:
    1.You can survive just fine without them.
    2. They are probably worthless (stamps, cigarette cards, etc).
    3. They may be getting in the way of you achieving or creating new things.
    The moment of enlightenment may only occur when forced upon one.
    Having said that, I’m a bit of a hoarder myself. I didn’t have the World Cup coins, but I had the 1970 football league league coin set from ESSO. It was the year Chelsea beat Leeds, which led me to support Chelsea for a while – they had that song (bom bom bom bom Esso blue) and someone I was not keen on supported Leeds. Decades later I no longer support the Blues. If I had to pick a team or teams, the line-up would be Derry City/Bolton Wanderers/Wycombe Wanderers. However, it turns out me son now supports Chelsea. I suspect it’s only because they’re winning – but then who am I to talk.

  5. I started supporting Chelsea that year – gave up the day they sacked Claudio Ranieri

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