Travelling in the name of the Queen! — 1 Comment

  1. I agree that people are going to do what ever they are going to do whatever anyone says. I also think that if the government or queen is going to promise to protect you then you have every right to go back to your home country afterwards and tell them what they did to you. It is then up to them to decide if they are going to allow these people who did this to you to get away with it or not.
    Unfortunately, most people don’t read their passports and even fewer people are willing to make a fuss when it counts. If however, you made a fuss about it, many other people might realize that this same thing has happened to them and speak out. Soon you may find that there are a whole load of people that are supporting your cause. This will inevitably create pressure for the Queen or government to act in your defence and take a tough stance against these wrong doers.

    My advice would be to complain about everything, and never shut up until you are heard.

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