The mirror never lies — 5 Comments

  1. No next time wear your clerical collar and see what his expression is when you buy what “rocked” you in earlier years. Your blog yesterday was very deep and meaningful. That old black cloud and it’s sudden descent into an otherwise normal day seems to keep a timetable all it’s own. As I say and I am sure you have heard me say it – It is not until the shoe has pinched your own toe are you in a position to say anything to anybody. So many people have these wonderful cliches, or so they think, that amount to a little pat on the head and they think they have sent you on your little way so much happier for hearing what they said. When the light eventually does shine through we think we have learned how to kick it out of our lives and we will know when it starts again but in reality it is not like that. Each time it is a little bit different and so subtle and the ways and means of getting rid of it before do not work in the same way the next time. Fellow travellers of that road are the people who listen and understand just what one is saying or in so many cases not saying.
    Mirrors are rigged to make us look dreadful except in changing rooms in expensive shops when they are made to flatter so that we will buy the highly priced articles!!!!!
    Be good to yourself.

  2. Ian, I love the blogs rarely feel competent to comment in any meaningful way. However, three things caught my attention this time.
    One you are no overweight, grey-haired man, a fine specimen of youthful cheerfulness is always how you have appeared to this writer at least. I cannot believe that a short spell outside the Pale has done that much damage.
    Two – The Byrds. Alltime favourite was and still is their version of Mr Tambourine Man, circa 1964, I may still have the single somewhere but nothing to play it on!
    Three – the image of you tendering a €22 note AND it being accepted. Are you sure you weren’t wearing your collar? I can’t think of any other reason why you might have gotten away with such a thing.

  3. Not only am I overweight, one segment more on the BMI chart and I would be obese!

    Bob Dylan’s version of ‘Mr Tambourine Man’ has more of a rawness about it.

    The typo of €22 reminds me of the forger who made excellent banknotes – denominated £2 and £6.

    “You silly fool”, his friend commented. “What are you going to do with those? You will have to take them to Blackpool and see if you can pass them off”.

    The forger returned from Blackpool with a suitcase. “Did you get rid of those notes?” asked his friend.

    “I did”, he said, “I got rid of all of them”.

    “What did you do with them?”

    “I swapped them for £3 and £4 notes”.

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