No-one knows what it’s like — 6 Comments

  1. You could make it a double bill with Sting’s Every Breath You Take which people seem to like a weddings. Bitterness, stalking, resentment with a sinister edge.
    In “the olden days” we used to go to the trouble of mishearing lyrics – Careless Wilbur (thanks to one of my sisters for that one), anything by UB40 in the early days, The Skids “In to the valley/ Peas taste like wine…”
    Nowadays listeners are lazy. They merely misinterpret the clearly heard lyrics.

  2. I made my daughter miserable the other day by quoting Larkin ‘Afternoons’ (although now quite out of date in it’s frame of reference perhaps?) I didn’t see it as ‘miserable’ – more a reality.

  3. I suspect the song being popularised by Linkin Park has resurrected it somewhat. Sad nonetheless. Doesn’t Ireland have “Lifeline”, it’s a phone line here that is run by one of the charities. Anyone can ring anonymously and they save countless lives. Still, if you’re Hell bent on ending it, no amount of talking will prevent you from taking that final leap I guess.

  4. We have a superb service provided by The Samaritans.

    Sometimes nothing avails.

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