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  1. Ian,
    You know what will happen in Ballinasloe. The local Fianna Fail supporters will march with the protest. The FF TDs will vote to support the closure or downgrading or whatever the HSE will call it when the time comes. It always amazes me at the lack of joined up thinking when people vote. Some will vote for x because “he’s a good local worker”. They then complain about hospital, school and other closures and cutbacks failing to link their vote for the party man who supports the cuts to what happens and what they’ve voted for. We do get what we deserve – unfortunately the innocent suffer. Martin

  2. What can we do? Does direct action work?
    My kids were in a school musical called Strike a wee while ago. One the teachers wrote it. She’s very talented.
    The story was based on a true dispute between workers and children on the one hand and landlords (and the board of education) on the other, which led to the setting up of the Strike School at which children could get a decent education.
    Great story and a subversive production.

  3. Having acquaintance with Trotskyites and various other hard Left groups in times past, I think their perception of direct action was something that would put themselves in charge!

    I think the problem with direct action is that it is unable to change the wider context and that the factors at work in that wider context will inevitably have an impact upon the particular situation being addressed. Taking control of a school is fine, but what happens when there is a need to find funding, or qualified teachers, or new pupils?

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