Back to school fear — 6 Comments

  1. School tomorrow. Hurrah (says me). So does one of those going. The other will put up with it.
    But where are all those essential bits? Pencil cases? Book bags?
    The socks, at least, have been found. Not special socks. Just socks. So that means we can get out the door in the morning anyway.

  2. I knew a teacher who taught in a very good Belfast grammar school – well mannered, well motivated, nice kids – and he still declared he sank into depression in mid-August each year.

  3. I know an ex-teacher whose motto was – Never smile before Christmas.
    He did tend to have rather tough classes of boys. Many went on to star in the News later on, and not the fluffy final story either – so perhaps the non-smiling approach leaves some room for improvement.

  4. My dad was one of the ‘best days of your life’ proponents then he went to the same school all his high school life I went to 9 schools, 4 high schools and hated every moment. Having said that, my best friend in the world is a girl I went to my last high school with . . and yes, teachers do feel the same way!

  5. I was walking into the parish school alongside a mother and her little girl yesterday – the child was full of enthusiasm! When I started school at a place called Long Sutton, my mother would try to lift me on to the schoolbus and I would put my feet either side of the bus door to try to avoid having to go – I hated it.

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