Harvest Festival Sermon 2010 — 5 Comments

  1. Excellent. I was just trawling thru the net looking up harvest festivals in Dublin, re St Mobhis Church Glasnevin, in particular, ..Im actually doing research on Delville Estate in Glasnevin ….
    ‘Great to stumble on this piece. It cheered me up. so many people are finding things hard at present- We have to bash on regardless… . No point in moaning and blaming others for the mess. We must be positive to survive! Best wishes. P.

  2. Oh my Dearest God.
    This is so fulfilling. God knows I was led to this sermon. I have been looking up inspirational messages for this season of harvest only to find that I am myself made to reflect on my own experience at my village farm where I toil and get the pay afterward. May God bless you.

  3. I began my sermon with the words , the fields are white unto harvest, but where are the workers,as you wrote there is no substitue for hard work, let us encourage one another as we serve the Lord. Thank you for your sermon ,God bless.

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