You will cry out for relief from the king — 6 Comments

  1. When Milton Friedman’s book ‘Free To Choose’ was released in Israel, that speech of Samuel to the people was incorporated onto the cover design!

    If we cut taxes by 75% we would still be a tyranny in the face of Hashem and the Prophet Samuel.

  2. Adherence to Friedman’s free market principles would exclude heredity as a basis for high office.

    (They would also exclude the corporate cronyism that characterises the banking bailout in this country)

  3. To be fair to Klein, her objection is to the crony corporatism that Friedman would have found repugnant. He saw the role of Government as ensuring free markets – the people to whom Klein is opposed are those who want anything but free markets.

  4. Thats the thing: Friedman could have written the same thing she did about corporatism, corporate welfare and the collusion between gvernment and big business. He himself said the biggest threat to free markets is a business interest. Yet Klein went into the most bizarre and I would say defamatory tirade against Friedman himself. She seems to be a very angry, hateful individual, probably because Friedman achieved such popularity advocating views she insists nobody really wants.

  5. Klein is never persuasive – her writing seems imbued with a desire for the world to correspond to what she would like it to be rather than how it actually is. ‘No Logo’ seems to suggest that there are emerging coalitions that will create a Kleinian reality – if there are, they have yet to emerge.

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