Postman Pat and the winter solstice — 5 Comments

  1. Postman Pat has all but vanished, in England anyway. His cap may emerge years later in a car boot sale. The story makes me think of bigger timescales – specifically, the Marks and Spencer towel in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. By keeping hold of their towels in a time of catastrophe, our heroes knew that time travellers from the future would discover their towels and rescue them. (It’s all a long time ago; I don’t remember the details.) The story speaks of the potency of material things to hold us to a particular time.

    You are right about stubble though. Was that an echt John Cunliffe story? I’d have expected him to get a detail like that right.

  2. The stubble scratches and bathing with Dettol was Nan C’s soveiegn remedy, Mum remembers it well from her own experience with stubble scratched legs

  3. The last time I was at Newgrange the friendly guide was a Polish or Latvian bloke. Or so I thought. I checked as we left – turned out he just had a cold and was from Kerry.
    It’s still – Newgrange that is – a good place to contemplate the changing of the seasons.

  4. Aww you get like this every winter you know? You need a Parish in the antipodes where it’s summer all year round. Frankly, I’d trade you a nice open fire and a foggy morning or two . . not for long . . .but it would be nice for a change

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