A frozen church — 4 Comments

  1. The church should be very aware of the impact of the financial crisis on its overall situation. Its income from investments is significantly down; its members have less money and many are suffering badly. Some leadership would be required to address its own situation and the one you describe. One response I heard from an influential cleric when I wondered about the “silence of the lambs” on the bankers and the budget was that “there is a committee to look at those issues”.

  2. Ian – I’m 100% with you on this – If anything the financial situation is highlighting how unsustainable so much of our praxis as Church is. We can no longer afford the luxuries of the institution and they have now become a burden on us and those we minister to.

  3. Back to the Franciscans and the mendicant friars.

    The current superstucture, particularly in the RC church, is an abomination.

    For the people by the people?

    Rath ar an obair.

    Stay with it.

  4. I get depressed sometimes that the church seems as incapable as the state of reforming itself in a way that is principled and in accordance with its avowed beliefs. Perhaps, as is the case in our body politic, there are too many interests vested in retaining things as they are.

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