Sermon for Sunday, 23rd January 2011 (Epiphany 3/3rd Sunday of Ordinary Time) — 3 Comments

  1. Exactly, Ian.

    God has given us a choice.

    Every quickening smile is either a gas molecule going through an energy crisis in your head, or a moment of joy at the salvation of a friend who needed it.

    Heaven is for souls, not atoms. And God has given us a little tree-branch to sit on while we think it over.

  2. I read an interesting piece on evolutionary theory in New Scientist the other week. It suggested that the fit live/weak die theory may not be quite right – for why have seemingly poor human characteristics not died out, like obesity and various impairments. The article suggested that perhaps human evolution takes a cautious, just-in-case approach. So a fit healthy physique might appear ideal in these current times, but perhaps there may come a time when bodies with a tendency to excessively store fat could be more useful – during a protracted period of famine for instance. So humanity is covering itself just in case, and preserving seemingly weak characteristics in case they come in handy in future..

  3. I have still not found a satisfactory account in evolutionary science for those behaviours which actually reduce chances of survival – such as self-sacrifice to safeguard weaker people.

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