In the depths of the mind — 2 Comments

  1. Late 1963 I’m at TCD; and I Wanna BeYour Man was on the juke-box of the chip shop at Baggot Street Bridge (and so a convenient stop-off for the walk back from O’Neill’s in Suffolk Street to my cold-water flat in Ballsbridge). Proof that a Lennon/McCartney song actually can rock. Start of the addiction.

    Get off of My Cloud: the grammar, thereof, parse if you will, Ah, the early winter of ’65 that was. In my first teaching job. Still young enough to have the same music as the sixth-formers I was teaching (and by whom I was being taught). Charlie Watts does the percussion intro, then the guitar dialogue between Brian Jones and Keef. Cloud is still on the iPod, right beside Satisfaction. But, hey!, the back-up hard-drive is listing all of 417 Stones tracks: can that be right?

  2. O’Neill’s serves a fine pint of stout.

    417 tracks sounds right for the entire Stones catalogue!

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