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  1. Does anyone listen to Podcasts? The only time I ever listened to one was when I missed the end of a Radio 4 Afternoon Play.

  2. Hahaha Prodcasts, there you go! I don’t know why there isn’t a religion category, seems odd in a country like Ireland particularly. Ah well, at least someone’s reading you! Gotta be happy with that.

  3. I think the exclusion of religion is probably fairly understandable in Ireland; particularly having watched ‘The Story of Ireland’ on BBC 1 last night.

  4. I also notice that the majority of your visitors are in the U.K. In fact Irish visitors are barely ahead of the U.S. Has it ever occurred to you that Ireland just isn’t ready for you yet?

    I take it from the unwarranted flattery that you need something done? Like Prodcast facilities? Heh!

  5. Granted – and the majority of readers are people looking for sermons, which isn’t bad in a way because it gives the potential for what is said to be repeated. (Some of the UK visitors are Norn Iron; I notice that Woopra sometimes gives their locations as places in Scotland)

    I don’t need anything done – unless you can fix my right shoulder, or have an application that rewrites my stuff as prose worthy of William Trevor! I can’t keep up with just posting written material at the moment, let alone trying anything else. Some of the recent posts have been recycled material.

    I keep trying to find some printed outlet for material, but even the local free sheet completely ignored my inquiry.

  6. Podcasts – I listen to them a bit.
    In Our Time – Melvyn Bragg – great
    Answer Me This – funny, bad language (from sweet presenters)
    Celtic Music News – a pleasure – though it may have died and I’m relying on the remnants
    And there was a particular favourite –

  7. BW,

    I suspect your broadband connection is probably considerably better than that here. Even watching Youtube videos is a pain as they regularly freeze through the slow connection.

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