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  1. All those names stir memories of the village Discos I went to at Othery village hall Ian…….My musical tastes cover stuff from Hendrix,Motorhead, to Motown, Christie Moore, Prodigy, Mumford and Sons and……Abba!!!!!…..get to 50 and confess all..!!!!!

  2. I never saw Motorhead – but I did go to see Girlschool one time (and couldn’t hear properly for three days afterwards!). I’ve now reached the point where the time of day determines the music – I could even listen to Bacharach and David if it was after midnight.

  3. At what stage did Peter Starstead appear and who was impressed by “Where do you go to my lovely”. On Satelite TV the other evening there was a review programme of Top of the Pops concentrating 1964 to 1975. It then did a complete programme from 1976. I just saw the first bit and left the boys to watch the rest, I was thinking of you when I was watching it. Terry and I had a Ruby day yesterday – not Ruby Murray!!!!

  4. Sarstedt came from listening to Jimmy Saville’s ‘Old Record Club’ on a Sunday lunchtime! There was a particularly dark time when people like Jimmy Saville kept me going.

  5. I was astonished to discover that my 18-year-old son, who retired from a heavy metal band two years ago, is a huge Motown fan. How much cooler is he than his father?

  6. Some of the late 60s/early 70s’ Motown carried a strong civil rights agenda – Tom Clay’s mix of ‘What the world needs now’ and ‘Abraham, Martin and John’ comes to mind. Some of it is just plain fun!

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