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  1. People who strenuously stay away from church when young often come back to it later, when being different from their parents becomes less important to them and their lives are more settled. Older people have more time for volunteering and taking part in church activities, too. And you are right that the older people seem to renew themselves. My parents’ church has declined in numbers badly over the years, but I do notice when I go back there how many unfamiliar faces there are. Dear old friends have died, but new people have come in – new old people, for the most part.

    I agree heartily with your point about how fragmented a category ‘youth’ is. My experience is that people in their twenties have the least in common with those older and younger than themselves. People in their thirties are reconnected to the family set-up by having children, and teenagers to some extent retain contact with the world of earlier childhood through living in the family home and attending school, but people in their twenties tend to have a rather different set of concerns: careers, travel, nights out. My guess is that they would also be the group least likely to attend church – I wonder if that’s true?

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