An A-Z of Hymnwriters: Father Andrew — 2 Comments

  1. Lovely to find this. My mother (Mary, nee Warren, is his godchild. I became curious at her various references to Fr.Andrew and thought I’d do some exploring. What a surprise! Have managed to track down a good number of his books – discovering en route Lambeth Palace is currently engaged in trying to gather all his writings together. January 2010 saw anniversary celebration of his life at the Franciscan house, Plaistow – which, sadly, I only found out about a couple of weeks after the event.

    My grandfather, Fr. Francis Warren was one of his closest friends, and discovering Fr. Andrew and his writing has thrown a great deal of light on much in his life and style, Mum says he would often go “over to Plaistow” and now she knows what that meant.

    It has been a real spiritual delight to find him – the newer charismatic expression of church which has been my ecclesial home for more than three decades has tended to be a little lacking in some parts of the spiritual spectrum and he has those colours in spades . . . I feel so at home with him; I often have to remind myself he’s my mother’s godfather – not mine!

    I read your piece to her over the phone; she was intrigued to find A N Wilson knew of him and thought so highly of him. . . . How she missed the piece, I can’t imagine – she’s an avid consumer of The Telegraph!
    Are you aware if he’s written of him elsewhere?

  2. I’m delighted you were pleased to read the piece. Being a low church Protestant, it was interesting to be able to talk about someone of diametrically opposite churchmanship.

    I wish I were able to provide more information. I’m afraid my research went no further than the Internet and a copy of the Daily Telegraph! A woman from east London in my last parish remembers her aunt telling her stories about the saintliness of Father Andrew.

    Here is the link for Wilson’s original column:

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