Daftly fearful — 6 Comments

  1. Awww . . I guess we all have these hidden fears. I have to sleep with a light on somewhere although I do fancy the smell of melting tar! Weird I know.

  2. The smell of hospitals gets under my skin, and the feel of the whole place – rather than what goes on inside.
    Used to have strange feelings – Icarus-type urges – just to see what it would be like – a transcendent rush perhaps – any time I was close to the edge of a cliff or high building. I cured it by bungee jumping. Now I know what it would feel like to jump. No transcendence at all.
    Good image of the tarmacking machine though – as a dragon.

  3. A Catholic colleague used to confess a great fear of heights because he felt he might be seized by a sudden impulse to jump off!

  4. It was the Daleks on Dr Who that scared me when I got to watch it!!!….Ian I remember when you had your accident on your bicycle, I always thought that the brake lever went right through your cheek, or was that the Windmill Road boys exaggerating????

    As I have worked on site for years I love the smell of tarmac and am always amazed at how the ‘Blaw-Knox’ (tarmac spreading machine) lays the ‘black’ down perfectly…..

    I used to be frightened of the Gypsy women, they used to come to the door selling pegs and heather and nik-naks, and my Gran used to tell me she was going to give me to the Gypsies if I didn’t behave!!!!!!! I used to hide under the kitchen table!!!

  5. The brake lever did go right through! I can still feel the scars on the inside of my mouth, strangely it left no trace on the outside.

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