A useless man — 3 Comments

  1. Heard someone tell something similar about himself. He too had deposited his wife in the Maternity Hospital and went home to have a good night’s sleep. When Hospital phoned in the morning to tell him the wonderful news he told the Nurse that he would be along later in the day as he had a very busy day at work. He was told in no uncertain terms to get to that Hospital and be with his wife and forget about his office and think of the hard work his wife had done. Is it only in Ireland that would happen or is it the same everywhere.

  2. People can be surprising.
    Thankfully in a good way sometimes.
    Part of the job of whoever accompanies you to the labour ward is to make sure the medics don’t mix you up with someone else – as I discovered can happen.

  3. I remember going from England to live in the North back in 1983. You could spot the British soldiers, not by their haircuts or the accents but by the fact that they pushed trolleys around supermarkets while most Irish men would not have dreamed of doing the family shopping.

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