Who is listening to Enda Kenny? — 3 Comments

  1. I noticed a change of faces among Ministers recently but I haven’t seen any sign of a change of Government, certainly not in terms of policies. I cannot understand why governments throughout Europe don’t see where “slash and burn” is leading. I think Greece is on the verge of very serious social unrest because the ECB/IMF/EU Structural Adjustment Programme (let’s call it what it is) is going to impose even more pain on people than it has so far. If Varadkar is right, and he probably is, then we risk going the same way.

  2. Gilmore had the opportunity to change the course of Irish political history by refusing to go into Coalition and forcing the Civil War parties to stand together. Instead he chose a path that is making working people pay the gambling debts of the rich and which is likely to lead to electoral oblivion for his party.

  3. Once it looked possible that FG might win an overall majority Gilmore started almost begging to go into coalition with them. Even in coalition he showed a complete lack of imagination in Ministerial appointments – all of them are “blasts from the past” and Howlin was the Minister for Health at the start of the notorious Brigid McCole case. He dumped it on Michael Noonan when FG replaced FF as Labour’s partners in 1995. Labour always avoids doing the right thing for those it claims to represent.

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