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  1. Ah trees. I’m rubbish on trees too. Sometimes feel I’m falling down on my parental duty to be omniscient – especially compared to my mother who knows them all – or at least gives the impression she does. How would I know either way?

  2. Having a Grandson who is a tree surgeon I felt that I should try and recognise some of the trees, I failed miserably and have come to the conclusion that everything that grows in the gtound is a weed, there are wild weeds and cultivated weeds, a tree is a perennial weed that does not know when to stop growing

  3. We were doing a quiz, ‘name a tree beginning with S’. My student said, ‘a Squirrel tree’. Apparently it is where squirrels live.

  4. I’ll take your word for it! (Though you could tell me there was a hedgehog tree and I would not be certain about it)

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