A soldier’s dignity — 1 Comment

  1. I always associate Francis Ledwidge with my Granny. She used to talk of him a lot. And like many I’ve passed, but not entered, his cottage near Slane. So I feel I know him except that I’m embarrassingly ignorant of his work. I’ve recently been reading his Complete Poems. Here’s a wee bit I like – nothing to do with soldiers – it’s from the poem August, but it reminds of a girl I once knew.

    She’ll come at dusky first of day,
    White over yellow harvest’s song.
    Upon her dewy rainbow way
    She shall be beautiful and strong.
    The lidless eyes of noon shall spray
    Tan on her ankles in the hay,
    Shall kiss her brown the whole day long.

    Ledwidge thankfully missed the advent of spray tan salons. Thanks for reminding me of the poems.

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