In the land of Kenny and Bloom — 2 Comments

  1. The people Gilmore in particular had appointed as Ministers showed that nothing would change. He showed no interest in promoting the vision he seemed to be trying to articulate before the election when he appointed discredited balsts from the past like Howlin and Quinn. We may have to be content with “Bread and Circuses” for some time to come.

    The events in Greece may be a portent of what will happen here if the IMF/EU/ ECB Structural Adjustment Programme the government is trying to implement does not achieve its goals – to keep the bankers happy by impoverishing the poorest, cutting pay levels for all sectors (private and public) except those at the very top, cutting sepnding on health and education and privatising any state asset that can make a profit for its new owners. I wonder why this is being referred to as a “bail out” as if the Triad was doing us a favour? It’s a classic SAP from the IMF neo-liberal text book.

    Again Greece is showing that beyond being an economic crisis we are living in a crisis of democracy. We elect people to government but they are not in power and more and more we’ll become alienated fro politics and politicians – a very dangerous scenario.

  2. The impotence of our own government was quite clear at the time of the election, yet people canvassed claiming they were going to change things. Fine Gael canvassers at the door claimed things would be different under Enda Kenny and looked blank when asked how this would be so.

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