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  1. Old jacket with frayed cuffs reminds me of a gentleman who introduced me to rowing. He won a silver medal in the 1912 olympics in the coxed fours, was all his life known as Bean, he was still racing at the age of 71, was a chartered architect in County Hall London, but you would not have thought he had two half-pennies to rub together, a real old time gentleman.

  2. They’re a mixed bunch – not surprisingly.
    I suspect the Nobel laureate in your story was the arsonist hiding under a halo of Nobel-ity.

    I’ve encountered a few. One used to make tea for me and others. Lovely. I had to apologise shamefacedly to another having made a bit of a rude phone call to the wrong hotel room – I thought it contained a mate of mine at the unfortunate moment. The response was nobly forgiving and understanding. A third was prone to displays of odd hopping dancing, finger wagging, crimson-purplish complexion changes and general crossness. I wonder if you know them too?

  3. The best bishops used to have that quality about them. Such behaviour is rare now.

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