Meeting fundamentalism — 1 Comment

  1. Breivik obviously draws from limited passages of Scripture, using & twisting only what he sees as fitting his agenda and beliefs about God. Anyone taking the whole Bible, and the entire teachings of Christ from old or new testaments clearly sees that this man is wrong and indeed very wicked.

    However, to only see God as a God of love is to miss other aspects of His character, such as His righteous and holy anger & judgement over sin. His command to Israel to commit, what we view as atrocities, was indeed judgement over the sins of those nations, back in Genesis He told Abram that “they (Israel) shall come back here (the promised land) in the fourth generation, for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet complete.” (Gen 15:16). It seems He held from judging at that point (Gen) but due to further depths of sin (recorded also in extra biblical resources) of the peoples in Canaan reached later, He decided to judge them through Israel. It is hard to stomach, and indeed does seem awful, but it is there and we should not gloss over it or ignore this aspect of who God is.

    Thankfully though, this God who gets angry over sin and will judge us all is not only angry, but also love, and in this He has provided a sacrifice in which we can be declared righteous and just – Jesus. Indeed, through Jesus we enter a loving relationship with Him as our Father. Yes, He calls us to defeat sin in our own lives (Romans 8:13), but rather than asking us to kill non christians His demand is for us to make disciples and to proclaim His love through the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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