Why just smoking? — 10 Comments

  1. Sadly the smoker has become the flavour of the day when in comes to a drop of State Bullying. Doubtless we are about to see images of young children barely visible through clouds of smoke, not to mention how we are to be further labelled as child killers if not child molesters.

    Unfortunately, Garrison Keillor’s piece is closer to the truth than many would suppose.

  2. A five minute visit to a hospital A & E unit any night of the week would reveal the damage done by alcohol, strangely drink never receives a treatment comparable with cigarettes. What is the Queen of England offered when she visits? A pint of Guinness – and not a word of a health warning of the damage it can cause.

  3. Don’t worry. The big guns are already being re-aimed at both alcohol and fast-food. They are even talking about such utter nonsense as “second-hand obesity”.

  4. There seems to be a culture of control in Ireland; the church being replaced by civil servants and agencies.

  5. No need for a ban – just concentrate on school children. I have speeding police, smoking police and music-turned-up-too-loud police in the back of my car. Their mother has the are-you-sure-you-should-be-drinking-that police to cope with. At least I’m in the clear on that one so far.

  6. Every time there is a desire to ban something, there is reference to children. Most people I see smoking while driving are men travelling by themselves (and I cover 50,000 kilometres a year!)

  7. On Thurs I noticed two young women in a car paused at the traffic lights, they were both smoking and I was just thinking how ‘unusual’ it seemed these days when I notice two v small children strapped in the back of the car. Shocking – I thought so and everyone I have mentioned it to since. What would it take to make that stop?

  8. But how would a blanket ban on smoking make much difference? They probably spend little time in the car anyway – to the shops or the granny’s house and back. Is there going to be a ban on people smoking in houses?

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