What would Jesus do? — 8 Comments

  1. Hi …. have been wondering what to write on the subject, how to preach on it …. and you’ve said more or less what I was saying to someone this afternoon.
    The other comment that keeps coming to my mind is to reflect on what Jesus said about the question ….
    Thanks for your blog …. I’ll add a link to it from therevandadog later ….

  2. At the very time when Christendom is drawing to a close and the church must engage with postmodern society, we get caught up with issues that are long settled in the minds of secular society and ignore issues fundamental to the Kingdom.

  3. Once again you have it just right, Ian. This personal attack on both Tom and our bishop is utterly appalling.

  4. Ian,

    I think your point would have been all the stronger had you also mentioned those Christians who fought against slavery, for democracy, against racial discrimination, for equality for women. They also used the Bible for their arguments. Melvyn Bragg documented these in his study of the social impact of the King James Bible, Book of Books.

  5. Conor, I agree completely. The point was to outline a series of positions now abandoned that were once regarded as matters of Scriptural principle

  6. Interracial dating was forbidden at Bob Jones University until the year 2000. Bush the Lesser kicked off his Presidential campaign there. They decided it was best to scrap the policy just before he showed up.

  7. Thanks for the information. There seem to have been a number of expedient retreats over the years.

  8. As an American catholic conservative I’ve often felt squeemish siding with right wing evangilicas on social and fiscal issues. I now know why. Thanks.

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