The enduring Lady — 4 Comments

  1. Unfortunately the so called ones that have not now have it all due to them thinking the government owes them a living..All new build here now have to build a certain amount of social housing on new sites….Dont get me wrong, most work hard, but I do object to the way some people expect everything.. and get it….

  2. I knew you would respond 😉

    I wouldn’t disagree, but there needs to be action to address those who live their lives in a permanent underclass. The option of loving one’s entire life on benefits should not be there, but to change that situation needs investment and it needs the Government to be prepared to tell people what to do. There should be education and training and there should be employment, for everyone.

  3. I do not completely agree with the idea that “you get what you pay for.”
    Sometimes people will offer valuable service for free – but once payment is mooted it immediately becomes too expensive. I’ll help people out for nothing, but they couldn’t or wouldn’t pay me for it. I suppose the essential ingredient is goodwill or community – one of “the enduring lady’s” blind spots.
    Haven’t yet seen the film, so can’t comment on how she and the time were represented.

  4. I agree to your comment Ian, yes educating the underclasses that its not a free ride at the expense of the tax payer, but also that there are schemes in place to get the long term unemployed or the unemployable back to work……

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