Sermon for Sunday, 11th March 2012 (Third Sunday in Lent) — 3 Comments

  1. What I think is Jesus got angry because the temple where God dwells was made into a market place where the main concentraion was making money and more money- selfishness. He wants to purify this notion and place. His anger was reasonable, his love towards the Father was so rooted in Him that he has to do that.
    The lesson is respect persons, places and things for what God has created. For what God intends must be our intention.

  2. I thought I had made the point about the place of God becoming a place of money,

    ” . . .he is concerned with the theological issue of the place of the divine presence being profaned”

  3. Was Jesus to come today, He would do the same, because in our hearts are tech-filled;tv,cellphons, ipods,cars,money to name but a few,no space for God

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