Fairy fears — 2 Comments

  1. Teignmouth. WM Praed, taught to us at HBS by Miss Taylor about 1972. I can’t think of Devon or Teignmouth without the opening lines of the poem (as I recall it) coming to my mind; ‘ I looked across a river stream, a little town was there oe’r which the morning’s earliest beam was wandering fresh and fair…’

    When I was quite ill three years ago I had to do something to keep my brain active and I found it almost impossible to focus on reading, or using the internet, I set myself a task to learn Ode to Celestial Music (or the girl in the bathroom singing) by Brian Patten. Strange choice. Interesting poem.

  2. The only lines of poetry I can remember from school are, ‘The Jervis Bay went hard a-port’ and ‘Today we have the naming of parts’. I think both lines come from war poems.

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