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  1. Nolan Transport wagons are a very common site down here in the South West with their Irish ‘WX’ plates. I always wonder what they are carrying…..

  2. You spotted the Wexford registration! Nolan trucks seem to travel far – I’m not sure where they have depots.

  3. I did, bit sad but I’m always recognising and working out which county the Irish plates are from! I’m not sure either but I bet if you google Nolan Transport we could find out !!

  4. I Googled Nolan’s – they’re huge! 450 tractor units and 100 trailers and a European hub as well as Ireland and UK. I don’t know if that puts them in the league of Stobart and D’Entressangle

  5. That is huge for an Irish based haulier, no wonder I see so many of their wagons…..I looked up Stobart and D’Entressangle ….. Stobart has 2,250 wagons and D’Entressangle 1,800 !!

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