Useless men — 4 Comments

  1. It must have been very difficult at that age and time in England to understand a lot that O’Casey wrote. Some of the real Dublin expressions read with an English accent. How did – will ones on yous , any of your all a yous let me in. Did you have a Joxer in the class who knew “the blinds is down Joxer” or “what are the stars”? My father loved O’Casey and from an early age I heard these sayings. He was a Darling Man of course!

  2. We hadn’t a clue about half the stuff, though O’Casey was more fun than Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’, which remains the most boring book I have ever read!

  3. O’Casey had a deep understanding of human nature, though, having managed only four of the seven volumes of his autobiography, I wondered if he might have learned to be more concise in his prose!

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