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  1. Sad, but very inspired reading this. Something of a change today!!! Read your Liverpool experience!!! l remember, as you may too, when Liverpool airport was just one building, on ground level. No stairs, no nothing really. Just check in, security check, then straight into duty free and wait for your flight. The walk through the doors onto the tarmac took about 5mts!!! Hasn’t time changed everything we were once so used too?? l use the now John Lennon airport fairly frequently as my sister lives in Haydock, so it is only a 20mt drive away, but it’s just as bad as Dublin, queues, stairs, up and down, long walk to the waiting gate, then more queues if you fly with ‘no frills’!!! Then down more stairs, then a nice walk outside to the aircraft. It’s only saving grace is that not many airlines use it. Maybe more in the summer which are mostly charter aircraft, but not that long ago there were only 2 destinations—- Isle of Man and Dublin!!!! Perhaps the late John Lennon has a lot to answer for!!!!

  2. I heard the late John O’Donohue speak at the Greenbelt festival a few years ago. He said that, from his experiences of ministering to those who were dying when he was a priest, he believed that the greatest sin is an unlived life.

  3. I think I would agree – though a life unlived is not always a matter of choice.

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