Being unfashionable — 7 Comments

  1. You should have disputed the ‘ageing rock star’ commrnt by suggesting it was jeremy clarkson who was your role model!

  2. Ian, my eldest son just shakes his head when I wear my ‘Motorhead’ T shirt !

  3. I never saw Motorhead live, but I did see Girlschool, a band that used to support them – I couldn’t hear properly for three days afterwards

  4. I saw Motorhead at the Cornwall Coliseum at St Austell (no longer there) about 1980, I couldn’t hear afterwards either, loudest band I’ve ever seen live..!

  5. I remember adverts for bands on tours that included the Coliseum. Motorhead must have shaken the foundations of the place!

  6. Perhaps thats why the Coliseum isn’t there any more!!!! I was stood most of the concert in front of one of the speakers, is it any wonder my hearing is not too good nowadays!

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