Missing Auntie Beeb — 6 Comments

  1. Must say I’m pleased that I can get the RTE stations on my iphone here at home and when I’m out in a 3G area…RTE Gold on most of the time !!!

  2. What is the download limit on your iPhone? My Vodafone package only allows 1 GB a month – which is about 16 hours of radio listening.

  3. It’s the live broadcasts that I miss, though, that sense of another human being out there.

  4. Sorry for not replying sooner Ian, I’m not sure what the download limit is but I never seem to go over it, and I have RTE on a couple of hours most days and more at weekends. Oh and Ryan Tubridy has been standing in for the annoying Evans man on Radio 2 this week in the mornings……What a breath of fresh air it is to have him on Radio 2 …

  5. You must have a great deal with your phone company – I worked out that 20 hours listening would exhaust my monthly 2 Gb allowance from Vodafone.

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