Treat us as adults — 3 Comments

  1. I agree Ian, if alcohol is cheap and easy to get hold of then people are going to gorge on it to excess. There is a control in a pub for youngsters, The Landlord/Lady…..I started drinking about 14 in ‘Maisies’, she would serve us a pint or two, keep her eye on us then, stop serving us if she thought we’d had enough. The price of a pint also meant we couldn’t have too many. Maybe in countries like France the attitude to alcohol is different as youngsters are brought up with a drink at mealtime and are taught how to drink sensibly and to respect it. Maybe Maisie wasn’t all that bad!

  2. Many people drink a lot, even to excess, and cause little trouble for others. Many others make trouble when they drink, and will continue to do so whether legislation raises the price of alcohol by 25%, decreases it by the same, or even bans the product altogether. Its well nigh impossible to change an individual’s character or change a culture through the law, at least in the short term. The family is in a far better position to imbue positive drinking habits for the duration of a person’s life, and in France countless families do just that, but that is part and parcel of a culture and tradition difficult to transplant elsewhere.

    When it comes to the British Isles, grass will grow on our cheeks and populace will be banging their heads about this issue.

  3. A tradition must begin somewhere, though. Why can those in authority not see the enduring futility of their efforts and say, ‘Right, from now on, you’re responsible’?

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