Finding the dead and searching for the living — 3 Comments

  1. The rise of social networking has made ‘finding’ or looking people up a lot easier. Something with which I guess you may be familiar, is discovering that more than a few school friends have passed on; this may due to the nature of the school – but is very sad.

  2. I don’t know if this is relevant to your “Somers-Roe” search, but as you will gather I am now advancing in years but may have a link to assist your search. In 1959 I commenced work in a stockbroking office here in dublin. One of our clients was a (quote) Mrs.Aileen Florence Somers-Roe of Streamstown House, Streamstown, County Westmeath, Ireland. I presumed she was a widow, but during our conversations I discovered she had been a nurse before her marriage. She was a large, kindly and chatty lady and I enjoyed her all prevading energy when she visited our office!

    Just a few thoughts to add to the Somers-Roe saga!


  3. Aileen Florence Pennefather was an Australian nurse born 1908 in the South Yarra area in Victoria. She trained at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. Try this link for more info:, where she is listed as Kathleen (which was actually the name of her sister, also a nurse)

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