Onesimus and Mrs Puddicombe — 3 Comments

  1. I am very sure she was thrilled with your English homework especially your essays. She probably had a lot to thank you for – reading your essays in the middle of very mediocre ones must have been her treat.

  2. Sadly, Barbara, I think that was probably unlikely. I was a horrible kid and did as little as possible.

  3. Interesting story Canon!!! Just read Stanley’s sermon for tomorrow, he’s going to town on demons!!!! His is much longer than yours!!! but wish l could be a fly on the wall all the same. Think we all went through phases as kids at school where we were horrible!!!! it’s just a phase we all go through as we pass through this mortal coil. Your teacher sounds sweet, and she probably thought you were too!!! I hope you smiled when you were at school!!! If your writing was as good at school then as it is now, i’m sure Mrs Puddicombe would have been very impressed. When you meet again, give her a big hug and a huge smile, and all will be well!!!
    I often think of my teachers at secondary school, what they had to put up with, not me so much, but some of the girls were like Stanley’s demons literally!!! Oh!! for those happy days once more, when we were young and innocent, and horrible!!!!! Hope you are keeping well, and that like Stanley’s congregation appreciate the time and effort that goes into writing sermons. God Bless.

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