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  1. One of the advantages of a digital tv is that you can listen to the radio through it (as well as many other facilities if you have a smarter set than mine), I used to be able to ‘watch’ the television and read the paper, poor eyesight has put pay to that (all that taking glasses off and on). The solution is the radio! Sometimes it is relaxing just to go with the flow and just watch the tv.

  2. I remember our old wireless was a Bush set, complete with large dial and don’t forget Radio Luxembourg!
    I have to agree though, I like John Creedon. Have you come across his alter ego “Terence” from the 1980’s? Google “John Creedon Terence” and then the song “When I was just a little boy” for a different take on John.

  3. I always felt there was something not quite decent about listening to Radio Luxembourg on a wireless – it always seemed more appropriate for a tinny transistor!

  4. I can remember listening to the wireless at home when I was a child, Saturday Night Theatre, The Archers and Pick of the Pops come to mind ….Now I listen to RTE2 on my i-phone while I’m cooking tea !

  5. My Nan used to have a wireless on a shelf in her kitchen. The news used to be listened to with great solemnity every dinner time.

  6. I go two ways with radio – my brother in London has my grandparents’ old Murphy Radio from the early 1950s and he got it restored to perfect working order. Medium and Long wave radio sounds great on it and he can coax RTE Radio 1 onto it effectively.

    Here in Kildare, I hooked up a spare Sky box with its own feed from the dish to my stereo so I can get my BBC Radio fix in crystal clear sound, fantastic for the Proms and the cricket. I enjoy television but my split between TV watching and radio listening is about 60:40 in favour of the radio. With RTE Radio I avoid the misery of Morning Ireland etc but do enjoy its music programmes, Mr Creedon in particular.

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