Analogue Church — 4 Comments

  1. Oh I don’t know Ian, I’ve gone back to buying vinyl records, but I was always a contrarian anyway. However the Church “contra mundum” is a temptation for the brittle and insecure in all forms of Christianity who can’t cope with the changed country Ireland became with television, education and easy access to mass media.

  2. But unless the church accepts that the world has changed it will simply become an irrelevance – the world is now filled with contrarians!

  3. No ordinary person could have forseen what the internet would bring that I suppose is a challenge to us all as members but then again convincing luddites is not an easy task

  4. I am not sure the Internet revolution could have been anticipated; but multi-channel television was already a reality twenty years ago and radio stations were proliferating. The church continued as if RTE were still the only broadcasting medium.

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