Clergy conference thoughts — 7 Comments

  1. Although it is surely a sign of strength – not weakness – to keep your head above water by keeping busy.

  2. It is the need to be frenetically active that I feel to be a mark of weakness and not virtue.

  3. No stranger to the Black Dog myself Ian. Only thing I can add was that the time when I was most frenetic was also the time that my judgement in a few things got skewed. Look after yourself was the best advice I ever got.

  4. Whenever I take a break from the sometimes monotonous routine of milking cows, I spend my time off thinking of what I’ll do upon my return. Con’s advice to look after yourself is good advice. I enjoyed Portlaoise harvest – I now no longer see potholes but rather the tarmac around them!

  5. Thanks.

    I don’t get big mood swings – just a sensation of walking through treacle. I’m grand when I’m busy – the diary for tomorrow is filled with stuff to break the greyness.

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