What would Jesus drive? — 9 Comments

  1. The picture of the old Morris Minor made me think about the great motoring icons from those times – cars were very distinctive. It’s hard to imagine anything now being instantly recognizable in the future in the way cars like the Minor, the Fords, the Beetle and the Jaguars are now.

  2. The Morris 1000 was particularly popular among clergy in this country, Roman Catholic and Church of Ireland, because of the height of the roof. It enabled clergy to drive while wearing their top hat!

  3. Ian when I was a child I could tell what each car was going by our house by its exhaust tone, without seeing the car!!! and as there were that few on the road, guess whose car it was !! The only one I can recognise is the Land Rover TD5 engine, the rest go woosh

  4. Most cars not only sound the same, they look the same. The Fiat 500’s cuteness comes from it being retro!

  5. My grandmother had a Morris Minor. I remember her driving it around Crewe in the 1980s. She had been a teacher, but her husband was a railway engineer so I suppose it was quite a modest car given their income. My grandmother had to give up driving in about 1985 when she went the wrong way around a roundabout and, when this was pointed out to her, responded “I never could abide those silly rules!”

  6. The Morris Minor was modest but conveyed a sense of respectability.

    The French would have concurred with your grandmother about roundabouts – they have still not adjusted to the idea of Priorité à Gauche!

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