Autumn series: 1/5 What I believe is that there has to be a God — 5 Comments

  1. recent research shows that altruism is hard-wired to the pleasure centres of our brains…feelings and behaviour that display compassion,teamwork and unselfishnessh ave survival value i don’t need a god to have a fine moral code and to live accordingjy

  2. And what determines whether your moral code has any more significance than the person who espouses a crude survival of the fittest approach to life and takes whatever they want from others?

  3. I don’t understand why you think a God offers any answers – unless I have missed the point.
    The Justin Barrett thing, my instinctive response was that if I were a Christian I would believe in that a/b/c scenario that the outcome would be whatever occured; however that could of course be fatalism (is it/could it?)

  4. Re-read the post to double check I wasn’t being totally stupid. Why does there have to be ‘meaning’? I genuinely don’t understand.

  5. I believe there is meaning in the universe and, if there is, that meaning must have an author.

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