Lasting lessons — 2 Comments

  1. I hope so. The negativity that the current UK government constantly show towards teachers is disheartening (and wrong in most instances). The economic crash and the need to cut costs (by creating Academies and crush the teaching unions) is what is behind the bad press – not a lack of good, motivated and caring teachers.

  2. Maybe some will Ian, I think when we went to school there was a greater respect for the teachers, unfortunately the teacher has a harder job to get their attention now. I asked my 16 year old son if there was a teacher that he would always remember from his junior school, yes he said, so there is hope! I will always remember Miss Everitts light blue Ford Anglia, and the day when she asked if someone would like to paint the bookcase in lesson time, my arm shot up and I was chosen to paint the bookcase ! I wonder how many children will remember painting their Teachers bookcase in 40 years time ?

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